The Beatitudes

Blessed Are The
Pure in Heart

It was the last recess.

Mike was happy because school was nearly over.

Mike saved some chips from his lunch to eat at his recess.

He went to the washroom to wash his hands before he ate.

"Hey, Mike."

Mike looked up and saw Jason,  "Hi, Jason." 

"What's going on, Mike?" asked Jason

"I am just washing my hands before I eat," Mike answered

"Do you always wash before you eat?" asked Jason.

"Yes, I always wash," Mike answered

Mike dried his hands on a paper towel saying, "Do you want to share my chips?"

"Sure, I love chips.  Let me wash my hands first," Jason said as he turned on the water.

Jesus teaches us that we must be pure: clean body, mind, and spirit

What do you think?
Do you always wash your hands before you eat?
Do you bathe daily?
Do you have a clean spirit?
Would Jesus be happy?

Write to me and let me know what you think, BUT, ask your parents first.

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