The Beatitudes

Blessed  are the
Poor in Spirit

Shelly and Mike were in their new school.

It is hard going to a new school.

Shelly and Mike were together.

That is good.

They were waiting for the bell to ring to start school.

A boy approached them, "I am Bobby.  I can run faster than anyone else at his whole school"

"I am Mike and this is Shelly.  I'm glad that you run fast," said Mike

"You have to run with me and I will show you how fast I can run.  I can beat you."

"I believe you, Bobby.  I don't want to run," answered Mike

Bobby was insisting, "Yes, you have to run with me.  Are you afraid?"

"I am not afraid, I just don't want to run," said Mike

By that time there were a lot of people around.

Bobby kept after Mike, calling him names until finally Mike said, "OK, I will run with you."

Bobby was laughing when he said, "We run to that tree and back.  Try to keep up with me."


Mike ran as hard as he could.

He ran to the tree touched it, and started back.

Bobby was running as hard as he could, too.

Mike was faster.

Mike touched the tree and started back and Bobby wasn't even to the tree yet.

Bobby never touched the tree.  He just turned and started back.

Bobby ran fast. Mike ran faster.

Mike was back before Bobby.

Mike won.

Jesus teaches us that when we are humble, as Mike was, we get many rewards from Jesus.
What do you think?
Was that right of Bobby to insist Mike run?
Was Bobby wanting a race with Mike to show he was better?
Do you think Bobby was humbled by losing?

Write to me and let me know what you think, BUT, ask your parents first.

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