Twelve Apostles
From Doubt to Dedication

Thomas is also know as Didymus
Thomas is Hebrew for the Twin
Didymus is Greek for the twin
Thomas was courageous.
Jesus heard of his friend Lazarus,
Jesus decided to make the dangerous trip back to see him.
The apostles tried to talk him out of going back.
Thomas said, "Let us go with Jesus." John 11:1-16

Thomas was also full of doubt.
Jesus came to visit the apostles in the Upper Room after his Resurrection.
Thomas was not there.
The apostles told Thomas that Jesus had come.
Thomas would not believe them.
Thomas said, "Unless I see him myself, I will not believe."
Eight days later, Jesus again came to them.
Thomas was there this time.
Jesus said to Thomas, "Do not be faithless, but believe."
Thomas dropped to his knees.
He was full of faith.
He was so sorry for doubting.
Thomas said, "My Lord and My God."

Matthew 10:3
Mark 3:18
Luke 6:15
John 11:16; 14:5; 20:24-29 21:2
Acts 1:13

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