Twelve Apostles
From Inquiry to Insight

Philip was from Bathsaida of Galilee.
He was the fourth man to follow Jesus.
He was the first man to whom Jesus said, "Follow me."
As soon as he was asked to follow Jesus, he ran to tell his friend, Nathaneal.
Nathaneal said that he doubted Jesus was the Messiah.
Philip said to him, "Come and see."
Philip was practical.
He was at the "Feeding of the five thousand".
He knew they didn't have the money to buy the food to feed all those people.
Jesus found a way.
Some of the people spoke a foreign language.
They spoke Greek
Philip was the first to introduce these people to Jesus.
No one else wanted to.
Philip was a good apostle.
He was faithful to Jesus always.

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Acts 1:13

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