Twelve Apostles

Paul is not one of the twelve apostles.
Paul's name was Saul.
Saul never met Jesus.
Saul was a devout Jew.
He didn't like the Christians.
He felt that the new religion was wrong and harmful to his Jewish religion.
He was mean to the new Christians.
He would find them and turn in their names to the authorities.
One day when Saul was carrying a list of Christian names to the authorities, Jesus appeared to him.
Saul was temporarily blinded.
Jesus sent him to stay with Ananias for a while.
While Saul was there, He learned about Christianity.
He loved it.
Ananias baptized him into the Christian faith.
His name was changed to Paul
He tried so hard to destroy Christianity, now Paul was a Christian.
Paul did so much to teach people about Christianity.
He traveled.
He preached.
He was even put in prison for two years for spreading Christianity.
He made three long trips.
He converted countless people.
He started numerous churches.
He wrote many Epistles.
Paul was a changed man.
Paul loved Jesus.

Acts 13:38
Romans I and II
Colossians I and II
I and II Timothy
II Peter

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