Twelve Apostles
Judas Iscariot
From Resentment to Ruin

Judas was from Kerioth in Southern Palestine.
All the other apostles were from Galilee.
He was such a good man that Jesus selected Judas to follow him.
The other apostles elected him to handle their money.
What happened to Judas?
Why did he do that terrible thing?
At the Last Supper, Jesus knew what was in the heart of Judas.
Jesus said to all the apostles that one of them would betray him.
If Judas had felt bad and owned up to what he had done, Jesus would have forgiven him.
Instead, Judas left the table and went off to meet the elders.
He was the one that was going to betray Jesus.
The elders paid him 30 pieces of silver.
IN the garden, Judas walked to Jesus.
Judas kissed Jesus.
Jesus said, "Are you betraying me with a kiss?"
The soldiers arrested Jesus.

Judas felt bad for what he had done.
He ran to the elders.
Judas told them Jesus was innocent
He tried to return the money.
They wouldn't take it back.
Judas threw the money on the floor.
He ran away.
Judas was sad.
Judas was no longer an apostle.

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