Twelve Apostles
From Temper to Tenderness

John was the son of Zebedee
John had a brother.
Johns brother, James was also an apostle
John and James were fishermen
John was important to Jesus.
John was there with Peter and James at the Transfiguration, the raising of Jairus's daughter and at the garden the night Jesus was arrested.
John and Peter were selected to prepare the Last Supper.
John was the "Beloved one" to Jesus.
When Jesus was on the cross, he asked John to take care of his mother, Mary.
She spent the rest of her life in John's home.
John had a terrible temper.
He and his brother were often called, "Sons of Thunder"
He was one of the first to go to the empty tomb of Jesus.
He was arrested after healing in Jesus' name.
He preached to the authorities.
John wrote five books in the New Testament
He wrote the Gospel according to John.
He wrote John I, II, III.
He wrote Revelations.
He lived to a very old age at Ephsus.

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John I, II, III

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