Twelve Apostles

Jesus was ready to start his work. The first thing he did was to call people to his service. The first four he called were fishermen.  They were Peter, Andrew, James and John.

These men were so happy that Jesus called them. They followed Jesus.
Jesus traveled from place to place.  Many other people joined them. They all traveled together.

It was time for Jesus to select twelve men to train for a very special purpose. At first, these men were Jesus closest helpers. Later, they were sent by Jesus to "preach the gospel to every creature."  These twelve men were Jesus' apostles.

These twelve men weren't always right.
Jesus had to scold them often.
They all deserted him after his arrest.
They were all afraid.
Peter denied ever even knowing him.
Judas betrayed him.

When Jesus said that it was time to begin their work, they did a wonderful job.
They showed courage.
They showed dedication.
We are weak.
God can make us strong

Here are the Apostles.
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VPeter VAndrew VJamesThe son of Zebedee
VJohn VJamesThe son of Alphaeus VPhillip
VBartholomew VThomas VMatthew
VJudas Iscariot VSimon the Zealot VThaddeus

Those who were not the original Twelve


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