Young Child Lost....

Mrs. Richmond, now 62, remembers when she was a young child aged 7, on vacation in the Rain Forest of 'El Yunque', one of the largest in the USA, along with her other siblings and parents.

She remembers running after a beautifull butterfly and getting lost.  Her parents and the rangers of the area knew the dangers of this rain forest, because of it's density, constant rain, steep hills, rivers, and above all cave openings on the basin, usually covered by hundreds of leaves.  She started to walk along a path full of leaves, not knowing that a 'cave' opening was just under the leaves.  As she passed, she fell into the cave, hurt her right leg, and scratched her face and most of her body, but nothing really serious.

It was moist, dark, and a terrible stench because there were bats in there bats.  She could see the light coming from above her, and tried to climb, but
her leg wouldn't let her, so she sat and cried calling out for her parents.

She then started to pray, and continued crying.  She was terrified and cold, and afraid of the bats, which hung all around her.  Then she heard the voice of a man, calling out her name!  She screamed at the top of her voice, "I'm here, please, I'm here."  She saw a shadowy figure climb into the cave.  The man was smiling like 'nothing terrible happened".  She felt relieved and asked if her parents were there; the man  answered no, but told her they were worried sick.  She noticed that the man was dressed, not like a ranger, but rather in white t-shirt, white pants, white sneakers and white hat.  He picked her up like she weight only ounces, carried her up with lots of ease, and before she even noticed, they were outside.  She told him, she couldn't walk, and he answered, 'I know, dear, don't worry about that'.  He carried her through a passage in which she noticed that he would actually walk around some places, instead of walking through them!  She was so pleased with him, that she didn't even ask why.  He then sat her on a rock, and told her to wait there....she screamed for him not to go.  He then smiled and said, "I will be back..."

After about 10 minutes, she was found by rangers who proceeded to take her to her worried parents.  They were getting ready to leave in their car, when she said, that she was 'waiting' for the 'nice' man that saved her...the rangers looked at each other and said they had closed that path, so that nobody could go in there.  Still, her parents waited a bit, but insisted with her that she needed to go to a hospital; so they left.

At the hospital, she got a cast on her broken leg, and treated for her scratches.  Two days later they all left for home.  One night, she heard someone calling her name from her yard.  She looked outside her window, and there was that man again; smiling and waving his hand.  She tried to open her window but couldn't, and when she looked again, he was gone.  Her mother got up from bed and asked her, who was calling out to her, so she asked her mom if she had heard it.  The mom said yes, but that she had looked out her window and didn't see anyone, so, she thought the person must have left already......which made her go to Mrs. Richmond's room to see who it was.  She then told her mom the story, and her mom said that was not possible, because no body, not even the police and rangers in El Yunque knew that.....angel?

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