The Dog from Hell

Terry was walking home from the bus station, tired and hungry, returning from work.  She lived with her mother and two beautiful black cats.  Terry was an animal lover and she would often rescue stray animals from the streets.  She would care for them, and later she would post a message in the town’s newspaper for people looking for a nice dog or cat to adopt.  She noticed a beautiful black and white dog, but she couldn't make out what species of dog he was.  He hid from her sight, and Terry didn't see him anymore, so she went home.

One night, Terry's mom told her that there was not enough milk for the next day.  Terry then put on her coat and walked to the nearest ‘Bodega” to get milk.  On her way back she noticed that the same dog she had seen before was wagging his tail at her.  She called out to him and he came willingly.  Thinking that her mom wouldn't be too happy to have another member in the household, Terry left very sad.  The dog did not give up so easily.  He followed Terry home, and started to whine.  Being so sensitive, Terry could not leave the dog out in the cold, so she picked him up, and brought him into her home.  Her mom took one look at the dog and screamed.  Terry told her that she would get rid of him the next day.  Her mom cleaned her hands, and looking into the dog's eyes, made her way around him.

Terry noticed her mom's behavior, so she asked her what was wrong.  Her mom answered, “I don't know!  But one look at that dog, and my skin crawled up, and my heart skipped a beat!”  Terry laughed at her mom, and answered, “Mom!  We've had so many animals in this house, how come you feel this way about this precious little dog!?  The mother looked at her daughter kinda strange, and simply walked away.

Before Terry went to bed, she gave the dog a bath, and food, and introduced him to ‘her cats’.  The dog started to bark loudly and the cats hid underneath the sofa; very natural, Terry thought.  She then locked him in her room, and they both went to sleep.

It was Saturday, so Terry didn't have to get up early, but when she did, she noticed that the dog was not in her room, but her door was locked.  Confused she immediately thought that her mom had let him out, so she went to the kitchen.  Her mother was no where to be found, so Terry looked for the dog and the cats; neither were home.  Terry and her mom would often leave each other messages on the refrigerator door, so Terry checked there, but there was no message.

 The door bell rang and Terry hurried to see if her mom was just returning, but Terry then remembered that her mom had keys!  She opened the door, and there were three men in front of her smiling and asking her if she would go to the hospital close by.  Terry's heart almost stopped, but the men told her that her mom was all right.
“What do you mean, my mom is all right!?”.  The men then told her that her mom was attacked by the dog that she had kept in the house, and that unfortunately, the dog had killed her two cats.  She started to cry and became quite agitated, so the men asked her if she wanted them to drive her to the hospital.  Terry left with them and went to see her mom.  Just before she went into her mom's hospital room, she looked back to thank the men and to ask them who they were; but they were nowhere to be seen.

Before Terry could speak, her mom told her the weirdest story she had ever heard.  This is what Terry's mom said, “Honey, the cats are dead.  Don't talk, just listen to me first.  Last night after you closed your door with the dog inside, I put Tiny and Tiff in my room because I just didn't feel comfortable with that dog in the house.  Just after midnight, I heard a scratching on my door, but somehow I knew that it had to be that dog, so I didn't open.  I then called out your name, thinking you were in the kitchen and the dog had gotten out; but you didn't answer.  I got scared for you, so I prayed and after doing so, I opened the door.  The dog was right in front of it, and pushed his way inside growling all the time.  The cats hid underneath my bed, but the dog got in there and killed them.  I ran calling you as I went to get the broom, but you just didn't seem to hear me.  I then grabbed the broom and started to walk to your room, when I felt the dog jump really high up in the air and grabbed my shoulder with his teeth.  I screamed, but you didn't hear me!  I fell to the floor and that's when the dog attacked my neck.  Terry, you will not believe this, but that dog's eyes were red as rubies and his mouth was full of blood!”  Terry's mom began to cry and Terry held her hand and looked at her in disbelief.  Her mom then continued her story, “I don't know who they were or why these men came, but I saw three men, dressed in white.  I have no idea how they got into the house either.  One of them picked up the dog, and immediately that dog turned from a furious beast into the nice little dog that he was when you first brought him in!” “They told me not to worry, and then the man with the dog handed it to the other two men. They took the dog out, while the other lifted me up and took me into a car and brought me to the hospital; I have some stitches on my neck and several other places, but nothing really serious. I begged them to wake you up, but they insisted that I needed to get to the hospital first, and that they would inform you about it later.”

Terry was shocked into disbelief.  The dog seemed so docile, and she started to cry because of the death of her cats and the terrible ordeal her mom had to live because of her.

The doctor then came in and told Terry and her mom, that if  she didn't get to the hospital in time, she would have bled to death, because the dog had bitten her close to the aorta.  He then said he needed to talk to the person who brought her to the hospital, because if that dog was still around, he would need to report it to the A.S.P.C.A.  Terry and her mom looked at each other and neither knew what to answer.  Terry's mom said that the men who brought her to the hospital had taken the dog, but that she didn't know what they had done with it.  Terry then told her mom and the doctor that three men dressed all in white had come to tell her what had happened, and that they took her to the hospital.  The doctor then asked if she knew their names, and Terry said that they simply left without saying good-bye or waiting for her to say thank you.

 The doctor then made his calls and got an investigation started about the dog, but till this day, the dog from hell has never reappeared.  Terry still blames herself and can't explain how she didn't hear her mom's cry for help.  But stranger still, the cats were no where to be found, and underneath the mother's bed, there was no sign of blood!  Terry and her mom have come to the conclusion that the three men had to be angels from God!

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