Fatal Car Crash
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      Can an atheist be saved by angels?  Letís read
on and see just how merciful God is willing to be!!
Bob is a business man; a C.E.O. for a very reputable and important company, with offices in New York City and various other important cities in U.K.,Venezuela, and China.  One night Bob was flying to Shanghai, China for an important conference that would determine if they would open yet another company in California.  He wanted the opportunity to be selected to be the person to take over such company.  He was late, and traffic in Manhattan would not let the limousine he was riding  speed up in order to get to J.F.K. airport, where he would take the twelve hour airplane ride to China.

Needless to say, Bob was the atheist we spoke about in the first paragraph.  He was getting very anxious so he started to insult his chauffer, calling
him names and even promising him that it would be the last time that he would work for him.  The poor driver was quite desperate, because he needed his job so very much.  Mario, the driver, then did as would any taxi driver in New York City, he started to race against taxis, cars, buses, passing each very defiantly; even passing pedestrians when it was their turn to cross.  When he got to an intersection, Mario did not notice that the light had just turned red, and he also did not notice that a huge bus was turning left into his lane , until it was already too late; but determined to out run the bus, he speeded up to cross before the bus could reach them. He did not make it, and the bus hit the limousine on the passenger side, where Bob was sitting.  The limousine flipped over and Bob was not   wearing his seat belt.  Mario died instantly in the crash that night.

Bob woke up and felt pain all over his crippled body, and noticed that he was hanging up-side down, with all the weight on the back of his neck.  He tried to move and thatís when he noticed a funny smell and something that looked like blood.  He couldnít move; only his eyes.  He then rolled his eyes towards Mario, but he seemed stiff and unconscious. He heard people talking but couldnít make out what they were saying.  Then he tried to move again, and heard someone say, ďdonít move a muscle; just try and relax,  weíre trying to break a window open to get to you.Ē  But time was not on his side.  It seemed to be hours and they couldnít get the window open, without sending glass flying into Bobís face.  Bob closed his eyes and for the first time in his life, he saw how bad he treated others; even his wive and children. He began to cry and without really knowing what he was doing, he began to talk to God!  He asked for forgiveness, and promised that if He would let him live, he would dedicate his life to Him.  Just as he finished Ďthinkingí that, a huge man appeared out of nowhere, and held on to the door on Bobís side. With just one pull, the door sprung open.  He slipped his hand under Bob's head for support, and picked him up as if he was a Ďfeatherí, and  pulled him out. Without talking a single word, the man carried Bob to the stretcher of the ambulance that had just arrived.  The para-medics started to work on Bob, who had a head and neck injury.  Meanwhile, Bob tried to see the man that had just saved his life, but another person, that noticed what Bob was trying to do, told him that the man had just walked away smiling at everyone there.  The para-medics remarked that if the person that pulled Bob out,would have done the wrong thing, Bob would have probably been left paralysed; but they checked his legs, and he still had sensation in them. After a couple of weeks, Bob recovered miraculously, and his body was healing better than the doctors thought he would.

Needless to say, Bob started going to church, and told the priest his story; but the priest smiled when Bob mentioned that he thought that God had send an angel to save him, and told him, that God forgives anyone who repents, even under strange circumstances.  The priest told Bob, that God is so very merciful, that just by asking for forgiveness, Godís angelscould be there and give him a new life.

Today, Bob is a regular church attendant, and makes sure he tells his children and wife he loves them every single day.  In Bobís household, the family prays together, eats dinner together, and there is not much that they donít do together, because of Godís miracle.

As far as Mario is concerned, he passed away in that terrible crash, but Bob made sure he provided for this wife and his children, doubling the salary that Mario made every month, and becoming their best friend ever.

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