The Dream
By: Anonymous

Early this year (2010) I had an experience that up till today, I truly believe was my guardian angel rescuing me from death in my sleep.  I was having a dream and I dreamt that I had come to the end of a road and suddenly everything went dark and it seemed as if my dream just came to a “stop” or “dead end”.. all I remember was darkness and nothing else.  Suddenly, I heard a very loud knock!  I awoke with a jolt thinking that somebody had knocked on our bedroom door.  I asked my husband if he heard it because, strangely he was still asleep (he is a very light sleeper).  I searched the whole house and peeped through the window thinking that maybe the loud knocking had come from our neighbor’s house, but there was nobody.  When I got back to bed, I remembered my ‘weird’ dream and the only answer I came up with was that I had probably ‘died’ or was ‘dying’ in my sleep and my guardian angel woke me up with that loud knocking I heard.. 

My husband is still convinced I was having a dream, but I know that it wasn’t a dream. I know what I heard and felt and I strongly believe that we all have our very own guardian angel. Thank you Father for You are good all the time.. thank you for our Guardian Angels whom you have sent to protect us.

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