Saved on the Streetcar

I have an angel story to tell. You can call it saved on the streetcar. This incident happened in December many years ago. I live in Toronto,  Canada. I had taken the streetcar downtown because I was applying for a job. As I approached my destination it began to snow so heavily you could not see. just before getting to my stop I got up and went to the front door. I tried to look for traffic but could not see anything. Beside me on the front stairs was a man I assumed to be getting off at the same stop. The doors opened at my stop and I was going to get off when I noticed the man made no move. I was distracted by this. At that moment a tractor trailer whizzed by the streetcar. I thought " oh my gosh. I could have been killed ". When I turned to thank the man but he vanished. I asked others but they said there was nobody. I am convinced God sent an angel. IF he had not been there I would have stepped off and been killed instantly

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