My Guardian Angel Wears Phylactaries

My belief in guardian angels all began when I was traveling to a dental appointment at a city some sixty miles from my country home.  I'd been awake all night getting my monthly publication ready for the printers on the day after this appointment.  I blinked my eyes to get them moistened, and apparently fell asleep. I heard my name called three times very urgently...Vivian  Vivian   Vivian.  When I opened my eyes I was on a curve in the highway, and hearing a tick tick tick regularly spaced as my car either touched the guardrails or the grass beside them.  Needless to say, once past this area I got out of the car, danced around arms upraised saying Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus.
     Then I was to go thru another driving experience that was to eventually lead to my receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  On this morning I was late for a dental appointment in a nearby town and it was very foggy.  I was going much faster than conditions warranted thinking that I would slow down when I came to the cornstalk shaped mail box beside the highway on my side.  But as chances would have it, there was a breakup of the blacktop just before reaching it and in manuevering around it I missed seeing that mailbox.  Suddenly there loomed the box too close to the main highway to stop.  I  decided my only choice was to try to stay in my lane, onto the highway. But again I hit a break in the road, which threw me into a spin onto the highway.  I cried out "God don't let me take any one else with me"  I expected to die, because I had just sent in my large life insurance payment, dropping it off at the postoffice before leaving.  It was to pay my subscribers to that publication, their subscription money if I were to be deceased.  I made a full circle on that highway, came back down around and stopped where I should have stopped in the first place.  All that happened was I'd popped a hub cap and as I got out to pick it up there meeting on the spot I had spun out of control moments before were 3 cars from one way and 2 from the other all filled with school children
   Later I got a book rack ministry, and read one of the books that was supplied to me.  It was "They shall speak with other tongues" by Larry Christenson.  I prayed on the completion of reading it "Lord if this is for today, I want it for I want all there is to be had of you".  Nothing happened immediately, because I didn't know it could have.
   Some weeks later, I read another book by Merlin Carothers.  He has several published and the one that I was reading spoke of someone in wartime going down in a helicopter in water and being unable to unlatch his seat belt.  When he saw what looked like a giant hand come down into the water, and unsnap it.  He popped to the surface.  I realized that that day on the highway I had been held in the palm of God's hand.  I began to sing "The love of God how rich and pure, how measureless and sure" and it was in tongues and I recorded it on reel tape as it was over 2 hours.  I took that tape to the pastor, he said to him it was Babel as he didn't understand it.  But when he would advance or rewind the song to the chorus the words were exactly alike.  So it definitely was a language.
   Thus I come to the seeing of my guardian angel.  After the dean of our denominational college ridiculed the what he called a chicken coop experience.One of the things he said was he was being progressively born again and it was cruel to tell the students they weren't Christian if they did not know when they had accepted Christ. ..I wrote the entire congregation a letter outlining my experiences with God as above.  This brought the consistory to see me, telling me I would not be able to take communion until I apologized to the entire congregation for my remarks about the dean of the college.  AT that point I noticed someone standing in the archway between the living room where we were and the kitchen.  My gaze began at the feet, tennis shoes and the most amazingly white slacks I'd ever seen. As my eyes traveled upward, I saw his hands in his pocket and his soft expensive looking tshirt was yellow and he leaned against the wall. l What I noticed was his massive arms...with a gold band about an inch wide around them just above the elbow below muscles so huge he could have picked up a consistorial member in each hand and thrown them thru the door without opening it. On that gold band were walking lions one right behind the other all around it. .  I looked up to the top of the opening and the top of his head was just below it.  His hair was the most brilliant yellow I could imagine and onto and beyond his shoulders  Around his forehead was another gold band that looked the same as the one around his arms.  My eyes met his eyes...the most blue blue eyes I've seen in my entire life. As our eyes met, he smiled.  I smiled back, and saw both the consistory members heads swivel to the right to look and see what and who I smiled at.  They had not seen my angel.  When I mentioned this at a Bible study, someone said..".The bands on his arms and head were phylactery . That slaves wore them around their arms if they served their master with their body, and around their head if they served him with their mind."
   I have been told on hearing the tongues that one time it was fluent Russian, another that it was French. It is my belief that tongues is so that we can go to a foriegn land and think what we want to say to the persons there, and the Holy Spirit will do the talking.  You see when I would listen to the tape I made of my experience that first day I recognized names.  There were 3 students from one of my daughters classes that had been killed inside of the last 6 mo.  As I thought Oh God the children, and mentioned the names I heard the names, but the rest of my thought was in a language I didn't understand.

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