My Angel Encounter
My sons mother left me in 2001 when she was 6 months pregnant with my second child. I had become very depressed as my first child drowned 5 years earlier and I knew our break up looked permanent and I was deeply sad as I knew my new child would not be sleeping under my rooftop and would live far away from me.

I had little choice but to become more spritual or I would cease to exist. I gave up booze and drugs and prayed daily. I did this for the following year faithfully as well as changing many other character traits such as trying to live by Gods Will.

I had been praying for 2 months at bedtime asking the Lord the same question, pausing and listening without anything back from him. I would not force it as I was trying to be different and simply went to sleep and waited for him to tell me the answer.

Then one night I was sitting in bed reading and the answer to my daily question entered my head out of the blue. I knew at that very second it was the true answer as it was accompanied by a bright light reminding me of a cartoon where a light bulb was burning bright...I've got the answer finally. It felt right and made total sense and I was so sure that God gave this to me that I stoped and thanked him for what he just gave me and I also told him that I am now a total beleiver in him. Immediately after this I seen a face flash somehow making me look around my bedroom like I was crazy. I could not see anything but then I heard a voice. It wasn't like a loudspeaker but more like a voice that entered my head. The Angel said "Mark, you must take care of yourself now because in 3 to 4 years from now you will need to take care of your kids". 

I shed many tears after this not only because if what I heard but because of what I just experienced. It was the Lord.

Till today I still do not doubt this happened and that Angels are real because my Angels only entered my room once I thanked God for his answer, that I now completely beleive in him....only then did two Angels enter my was my grandparents.

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