An Angel Spoke to Me

I was 5 years old and in my first year of primary school. We were being taught about the true meaning of Christmas. I remember feeling quite upset when I learned that Jesus had been crucified.  I began to cry over the Lords death while walking home from school that day , I found the whole story quite distressing as my parents had never told me the true meaning of xmas nor about the death of Christ.. Christmas to me meant a fat guy in a red suit who gave presents to well behaved kids, Christ was never mentioned. I may have only been 5 years old but I can still recall feeling completely and utterly in love with Jesus Christ, so when I learned of his death,  I felt as if the world had killed my one true love, I was devastated and began sobbing. Then all of a sudden a man in white appeared, he held my hand and told me not to be sad. This man or what I now believe to be an angle of God, told me that I would one day see Jesus Christ and I would marry Him. The angle then vanished.
Years later I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and began reading the bible where I found written in Revelations that we/his people would be the bride of Christ and be wed to Him. Through that angle I found the Lord and am more grateful than words can express.

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