Strange Encounter

My Name is Teresa 43 yrs old . Back when I was 19 years old and very much in love with Steven who at the time was my boyfriend. We had broking up and I was devastated.As I was sitting outside my dentist's office waiting for my sister (who was late) I was crying inconsolably when all of a sudden someone was tapping me the shoulder As I looked up I was taken aback cause in front of me stood this disheveled looking man, i guess he saw how shocked I was and he spoke these words He said my dear everything in your life will turn out ok you will have a son and name him Paul and he will be very special.with this shaking my head in  disbelief I looked up again and he was gone .I went home later that day and told my family about  my strange encounter and they thought the gas at the dentist office must've not worn off. we all just dropped the story..Now jump ahead 9 years later now at 28 i had the most beautiful baby boy you can imagine. I named him Paul not because of the angel but this was his Father's name.After the birth my dad who is now in heaven said to me remember what that man told you all those years ago about having a son and naming him Paul.Well all I'm trying to say is that there really are angels out there (you got to believe) PS I never liked the name Paul so it wouldn't have been my choice

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