My Angel

I always felt God had special plans for me. I yet not know what. One day I sold my car to a friend at work. I had to go down to the DMV to get some paper work. When this lady tugged on my shirt and said "Target." I said "what." She said "you work at Target right." I said "yes." I have never seen this lady before in my life. She handed me this little piece of paper, it had a heart on it.  It said on it "Jesus loves you". As I walked away I was reading it. I noticed it said a name of a town I was in that town, I will never forget. When I went to this town it wasn't by choice but I never felt so close to God in my life. At that moment I turn around and walked back to this lady. I said "who told you to give this to me." She did not reply. I asked her again "why did you give this to me"? Again I asked "Who told you to give this to me"? The lady looked up at me and then put her hand on my hand and said "THE LORD" I was so puzzled my mouth dropped and I left speechless. I walked out to my car and I cried. I had prayed to the Lord to forgive me for some things I have done in the past. I always felt ashamed and I was always asking for a sign to let me know he was listening to me. That day was his sign.

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