Two Stories
I was a 20 year old single female when I moved out of my parents house for the first and only time. My first apartment was a small one bedroom in a not so good area of the biggest city in Kansas. I was moving in there completely alone, except for the constant wave of friends that showed up around the clock to keep me company. My apartment was maybe 550 square feet and was only $250 a month for rent!

My first apartment always had some weird vibe about it, like scary weird. I wouldn't sleep in my room at night if no one else was there, I would sleep on the couch. One night I had a couple of friends over watching a movie with me. I was tired and since they were there, I went to bed. My friend, David had a key, so I knew he would lock up after the movie was over. My other friend came into my room and I was half asleep, he said he was leaving and goodbye... I didn't open my eyes. My friend, David, came in to tell me goodbye before he left, and again, I didn't open my eyes. Then I knew I was all by myself and I went to sleep. What seemed to have been like 30 minutes later, I felt someone staring at me, so I opened my eyes since I was supposed to be alone. There was a girl standing next to my bed. I felt a sense of completely calmness. She was wearing blue and white flannel pajamas, she was thin, and bald and she had blue eyes. She said her name was Danielle, and she was 21 when she died of Leukemia in California. She set at the edge of my bed and talked to me. The only thing I can remember her saying was not to be afraid, that she was not there to take me. I found it really odd that she would say something like that to me, at that time, I was also 21 or 22, and lived in Kansas. She then told me to go back to sleep now, and I laid back and was asleep. I then woke up SCARED to death!! I called my friend, David, and had him come back over and stay on my couch. It has been 10 or 11 years since this happened and I can still remember it just as clear as the night it happened. I talked with both of the friends that were over that night and asked them if they noticed anything strange or different, they both said that they did, that there was someone or something there watching us. I don't live in that apartment anymore, but I WILL never forget what happened there.

Another time while I was living there, I was moving in a couch by myself from my truck to my apartment. I had it almost completely in my apartment, but was completely exhausted and drained. Some man showed up out of the blue and offered to help me, I lived in a not so good area of Wichita at the time, so everything in me said to tell him no, but I said sure because I was so exhausted. He pushed it into my apartment and when I turned around to thank him, he was gone. I went out to the street and tried to find him, but it was like he vanished! 

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