Two Wonderful Angels
In 1977, I was 21 and studying to be a Priest at St. Meinrad Seminary in Indiana. I started getting sick at school and couldn't keep anything down. I would go to the cafeteria, eat and then would go outside and throw-up behind the bushes (I didn't want anyone to see me). I came home to Florida for spring break and went into the hospital as my symptoms got worse! I worked at this hospital during the summers as a phlebotomist. I had surgery and they removed stones from my gallbladder and took out my appendix "while they were in there". (Medicine has come a long way, as now they use an instrument which they just poke a hole into your abdomen and remove the appendix. Back then they practically cut you in half! Besides, I didn't fit the profile for gallbladder surgery, I was thin, male, young.) After the surgery I didn't wake up until I was in Intensive Care! It scared me because I realized where I was and was put there due to complications during the surgery. 

A few days later I was moved to "Progressive Care". I was having difficulties recovering from the surgery. The next morning, two young men dressed in white (of course) came into my room and said, "Good morning Paul. We will be taking care of you today". They spent the whole day with me, helping me get up to go to the bathroom, giving me a bath, straightening things up, turning me over and all of the other needed tasks. I sensed there was something different about these two young men though, they were so completely kind and caring and I seemed to be drawn to them somehow! There was almost a glow in their faces and they never complained and were completely devoted to my care. I had never had anyone give me that much attention and they were so loving in everything they did! Towards the end of the day they told me "good-bye" and told me I wouldn't be in the hospital much longer. I didn't want them to leave! The next morning, a nurse came in my room to take my vital signs and I asked her if the two young men who took care of me the day before were going to be there (regretfully I can't remember their names for some reason). The nurse looked perplexed and said, "There weren't two young men working in this unit yesterday, I was here and we didn't have student nurses or anyone like that. I came into your room several times to check on you and didn't see two young men in here taking care of you". 

Those two young men were correct, it wasn't long before I was discharged. I'll never forget my two wonderful angels and the help, care and love they bestowed on me that day. I was a young man then and so were they but they didn't act like most young men did, they were completely devoted to me and I could feel the love radiating from their hearts and I could see the glow radiating from their faces! I'll never forget them. 

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