I once said that I had `experienced` a lot of supernatural stuff; well, here is one of them.

I got called into my office one night, because therehad been a rape case, and a `suspect` had beenarrested, relating to this.

I went to the hospital, where the victim was, tookphotos, and collected the evidence we needed. I took the victim to my office, where my partners and I prepared the line-up, and where the victim, positively identified him as her assailant. It was about 7:30 am,when a young woman came to talk to me; I will call her "Nelly".

We had been waiting for several months, to capture this `serial rapist`, who used the park as the scene of his crimes.

Thinking that "Nelly" was just another victim, I then proceeded to `record` her conversation. She started off by saying she`s a nurse at the hospital across from the park. She came out of work at 12:00 mid-night. Her apartment was just 15 min.`s away, if she would only cross `through` the park; but she was afraid, because she had read about the serial rapist in this area. Too tired and sleepy, she decided to go through the park, but not before she `prayed to God, to send his angels to protect her". Trying not to look afraid, she held her head up high, and started her walk across the park, but somewhere in between, she noticed a `shadow`, just to the right of her, inside of the bushes. She saw a man urinating there, who turned as she passed by, and she then put on a
`fearless face`, and started walking faster, not before she noticed, that the man, looked somewhat
`frightened`. As soon as she reached the corner, she ran crying into her apartment and thanked "God". She couldn`t sleep, so she decided to visit the Police Station, to tell her story, as soon as she got up.
After asking her for a complete description of the man she saw, I noticed the `uncanny" similarity to the suspect we had in the cell. I then asked her if she would be willing to I.D. him for us; as soon as she saw him, she screamed, "that`s him, that`s him!!!". I noticed that "Nelly`s " experience had occured just one hour "before" it happened to our original victim, so I went to interrogate the suspect. I asked if he had seen a woman pass him by, before the victim had, and his eyes widened! I then asked him, why hadn`t he `raped` her????? Looking truly scared, he said, "damm, I`m no fool. You think that I would try to rape a woman, with two f...... men on each side of her? Those guys didn`t seem `human` to me...they were about 6` 7" tall, muscles like I`ve never seen before, long blond hair and a feirced look in their huge blue eyes, dressed all in white. They both looked at me with a "fire` sort of look, and I became paralysed, so that I couldn`t even pee!". He then asked me if `they` were her brothers or something....

She never saw anyone next to her, or even `felt` their presence....but `something or someone" did protect her that night....angels?

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