My Angel Story

I had been sitting watching television one evening, and feeling down, since I was going through a divorce. My little boy, who at the time was 9 months old, had a flu bug and I had been up for what seemed 24 hours. I heard a noise coming from my room, where he had been sleeping and went to the door to take a peek at him. My mouth fell open and I stood frozen when what appeared to be an angel, was walking out of my closet through the closed door.

He looked right at me and said "do not be afraid, you will get through all this, and your son will be well and grow to tell of me." As I stood there, not knowing what to do, he disappeared. I ran to the bed where my son had been asleep to make sure he was all right, then went to the phone to call my mom. I explained what had just happened, thinking all the time she must think I am losing it. She rushed over to my house, and just by looking at me she knew I had been completely shaken by what had happened. She tried to reassure me that angels can come to a person in time of need.

My son recuperated from the flu, and my divorce turned out not to be as messy as first thought. I thanked that angel, or whoever it might have been over and over for blessing me.

Timed passed and I remarried a few years later. I had four more children, and told them of my angel that visited me that night. Then after 30 years of marriage, I was going through another divorce.

I was sitting having supper one night after work, and the phone rang, it was my son, who now was 35 years old. He had always had a strong belief in God, but never had joined any church, or talked to much about it. He said he was calling because he wanted me to know that he and his wife had joined a church. Out of all the different things there were to do within the church, he said he had chosen to be a missionary. I sat there in silence, as the words of my angelís visit so many years before were all coming back to me. I asked my son if he remember the stories I had told of the angel in the closet when he was small. He said he did remember something about it, but why was I asking. Once again, I told him the story. There was silence on the other end of the phone. He said mom, I had a dream, an angel came to me and told me I had things to do, nothing else, just that I had things to do. He told me that the angel was speaking a different language, but somehow he knew just what was being said to him.

Today my son is indeed a missionary for their church, he and his wife are very involved with al the church activities and my two grandsons, now attend the Christian school run by the church.

I am so thankful for the visit from my angel that night. Not only for the things that he said would be, but for watching over my children and I through some very difficult times.

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