My baby sister was sick. Sick as in not gonna make it sick. A child her age wasn't supposed to get that virus. But she did and it collapsed her right lung and surrounded her heart with fluids. My mom called me one night and said that chaney was just getting worseand said she was gonna die. So that night I prayed. I said "dear god, please help heal my baby sister. She has a whole life ahead of her and she doesn't deserve to die now. Send her an angel to help her." The very next morning mother called me and said that chaney had gotten better and was walking. She couldn't even breath by herself a few days before that and now she was walking. I knew god had listened to my prayers. 2 years later my mom left for work at about 8:50 pm. I was left with my step dad and we were watching spongebob. Chaney was sleeping on the couch. mike was asleep next to me. I was watching her sleep when something caught my attention above her. I looked up and saw a shade of white against our green walls. It was standing next to the spot on the couch chaney was sleeping. I was afraid at first but as it watched her I knew who it was. It was her gaurdian angel makeing sure it kept her safe and healthy. Now my sister is 6 and I am 13. My step dad was talking to me again about chaney because that's what he talks about when he drinks. He had said that when he was sleeping in the hospital room he saw a white mark, sorta like a glow standing over the medical bed chaney was in. He said it made him feel safe and he knew it was there to help her. I don't think god could have given me any greater gift than chaney. 

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