The Angel
To make a long, long, long story a bit shorter if possible, I experienced some really strange things in my home that others would consider haunting. However, I am a Christian and though others do, I do not believe in ghosts, however I do think the happenings were caused by demons. One of the many happenings that has pretty much stopped with prayer is this: I´d be lying in bed at night, I always lay on my side with my face towards the wall-no real reason, just comfy. Anyway, I would always feel this presence which I believe was a demon, reaching for my neck. It would always terrify me and I felt like I was going to die or be harmed. One night as I lay trembling from this presence, I remembered that my dad had told me that any time I experienced something like this or the other things, that I was to pray. I did, and not only that I surrendered to God and put all my faith and trust in Him. In an instant, the bad presence retreated, then I felt a presence come for me again, but this presence was SO kind. I felt no danger at all, rather I felt as if this was an angel coming to comfort me and let me know that it would all be okay. I thanked God and quickly and so, so peacefully just slipped off to sleep. I slept so well. From that time on the only time the bad presence would come back was when I would dwell on it, even then, all I have to do is pray and it goes away. God is truly with me and has sent His angels to protect me and my family.
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