Jake's Angels
By: Ssmooch40@aol.com

My 15-year-old American Eskimo dog needed to have his teeth cleaned really bad.  I had never had his teeth cleaned before so needless to say it had to be done.  He was at risk for infections, bacteria, etc., getting into his bloodstream and causing serious problems if I did not have this done (not to mention what he might have had already from his bad teeth).  I was a "nervous wreck" the weeks before, especially the day of, I was going to bring him in for the procedure.  I have had Jake since he was 6 weeks old, we had just celebrated his 15th birthday a month before.  Now, I put a lot of trust in the veterinarian who was doing the procedure, but still had that "fear" that something was going to happen to him during this procedure.  For this procedure he had to put under "anesthesia" and it can be risky in older dogs.  And, when it comes to my dog I can't help but think of anything that could happen.  One of my friends told me that I needed to be on a tranquilizer so as to help my anxiety about this whole thing (ha!)
I prayed to God about this very earnestly and sincerely and asked him to be with Jake and the doctors doing the procedure on him so as he will come through it all right.  I would have been devastated to have lost my best friend/companion of 15 years due to a complication with a procedure rather than natural causes of old age.  Well, Jake checked out fine to be put under anesthesia, but I still had that overwhelming "fear."
On the morning of the procedure I prayed again very earnestly to God.  I brought Jake in that morning (surprising because I thought I would actually chicken out).  I felt nervous, but not as nervous as I thought I would.  The doctor gave Jake an injection of a sedative before the anesthesia and she told me it would take effect in about 30 minutes.  That his eyes would get dilated and he would start getting groggy and stumbling.  She said I could go walk him outside if I wanted to.  So that I did do to try to make Jake less anxious (as he hates going to the doctors).  Within about 10 minutes he started slowing down as he was walking.  I looked at his eyes and they were extremely dilated, he began falling over to the side.  At this time was when my "adrenaline" kicked in.
(I have to go off the track here a bit so as to get the whole idea of this).  My back has been bad since I have had to lift Jake in and out of the car due to his arthritis and no longer being able to jump in my car.  Well, for over two months of bending over and lifting up 35 pounds of "dead weight" about four or more times a day, starting making my back bad.  It really hurt for me to bend over and pick him up anymore and my back was getting worse and worse.
So, here we were a ways away from the door to the vet clinic and he surprisingly started feeling the effects of the sedative sooner than I had expected.  When he started going down to the ground I bent over to pick him up, got him quickly off the ground, and ran him into the clinic.  It all happened so fast.  They told me to bring him back to the table and lay him down.  They then gave him the "injection" for the real anesthetic and told me to call back in an hour.  Well, that was the longest hour of my entire life.  I had time to think and in retrospect when I bent over to pick him up I felt no back pain whatsoever, and his weight felt like a "bag of feathers" as I was running him into the clinic.  This is where I believe the "angels" stepped in and took over for me!  And everything was going to be okay.  I called the clinic back an hour and a half later, and they said "my little one was recovering nicely."  He is home with me now and doing great with his cleaned teeth (minus two missing they had to pull).
I truly felt blessed with this experience and KNOW that God sent his angels to take over for me after the sedative was taking effect and brought my dog through this just fine.

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