I Saw a Brown Angel
By: sosssi@yahoo.com

My husband has changed since I had a baby.He was born in 20 May 2003.

My husband was in the first months jalous from the baby and upset to not sleep peacefully all the night.

My mother in law who is living with us and ruining our marriage a selfish egocentric woman is always behaving with my husband as he was a baby not and adult person of 42 year old.

In the begining of this year 2005 my husband's behavior went from bad to worst.my mother in law was so happy.He began arguing and abusing me VERBALLY in front of his mother and my babyboy

one night he told me it is the and I'm going to the lawyer I will apply for a divorce.The next day he took our marriage certificates ,after he smoked his usual Marijuana,and went out.

I prayed a lot carrying my baby and ask the Lord to show me what shall I do

when he came back before midnight I asked my husband what was the result's of his meeting with the lawyer he told me why you do not call him  asking the question?He answered to  me with a question.

After midnight,I heard a strange sound,like someone steps on deadleaves,I thoughts that it is my baby from his room next to ours,I thoughts he is moving in his bed doing this king of noise I opened my eyes I saw an angel all brownish standing in front of my husband's feet.I was stunned I couldn't talk or move.I tried to see the details' of his face It was not clear.He was standing over there so real until i felt asleep again

I am thinking always about this vision.Was he a real angel?Why he was not bright or white?even his feathers were brown,He was standing over there looking so  sad.?

But my husband did not apply for a divorce I still do not know why?

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