My Human Angel
I was walking down a lonely street of about two miles from my work place to catch a bus for home one afternoon.  I was singing songs of praise and matching my steps with the rythm of the songs.  After I had walked about three quarters of a mile, I looked back only to see there was no one behind me.  A few minutes later, I saw a man coming toward me.  He looked dangerous.  I looked behind me and still there was no one there.  I knew I couldn't run because I have never had the stamina to run and I was very far away from where I could alert people.  This man was coming directly toward me.  All I could say then was 'JESUS'.  Just before the man caught up with me, my boss who was driving at top speed, drove up to me.  I ran to the car and into the safety God provided for me, only to find the man cursing and hurling insults at me.

It did not matter to me.  My boss was sent by God to help me.  He was my human Angel. All  glory and thanks go to the Lord.  When we call on Him, He answers us and He provides us with much more than we ever asked of Him.  Amen

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