The Dream
It was five year of waiting and praying to our heavenly Father for a child.  This was after loosing the first after seven months of pregnancy.  This time was full of pain, anxiety, impatience, fear.   I wept in my sleep, never giving HIM His peace. I had no way of knowing that our heavenly Father, who is so good, so faithful, would make all things good and beautiful in His own perfect time.

One night, about three years ago, they appeared to me in a dream.  Two men in white with a beautiful baby girl in their hands.  All they said to me was, " This is she.  The child you have been asking for".  I did not remember the men after the dream, but I never forgot what the baby looked like.  She had lovely big eyes just like her father. I accepted the child and thanked our good Lord every day after that dream.   I conceived that very month and nine months later gave birth to the same child I saw in the dream.  Nana is two years now and every time I look at her, I remember the Angels our Heavenly Father sent to me.  I am forever grateful to our Lord.  Join me in a big thank you to our Lord and our God and our Christ  who is so faithful, so merciful and true.

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