Angel Help

I have 3 short stories that could be dismissed as coincidence but I beleive in GOD and Angels and like to think and beleive it was an Angel that warned / helped in each instance.

Story 1:  Lost Angel
I was about 20, driving home from my friends house, it was the first time at his house, he lived about half hour away from me.  First let me point out I HAVE NO SENSE OF DIRECTION!!  I get lost very easily.  Going there I was with him, I was on my own going home.  At that time there were no cell phones, GPS or computers.  On the way home the highway split, I realized I went the wrong way when nothing was looking familiar and it was a looooooooon stretch of road with no service stations.  I started to freak out and started praying to St. Anthony (the saint of lost things and souls) to  please help me find my way back home.  Well....shortly after I said the prayer, I see from a distance a car pulled over on the shoulder, now it was very late at night and no cars on the road.  So I pulled up next to this car and notice and elderly couple with the interior light on reading a map!!!  I couldn't beleive it!!!  I told them I was lost and need to find route 80east, they said they were lost to and were going the same way for me to follow them. I followed them until I saw signs I knew then quickly passed them up to beep and say thanks.  BUT the car I was following was NOT THEM it was a black car (like theirs), but they were not in it, a man by himself was driving.  I was following the wrong car that was going in the right direction I was!!!  I beleive my Angels disguised themselves as an elderly couple so that I felt safe enough to approach them and ask directions to get me back home!!!


Story 2:  Stalling Angel
I was about 25 on my way out the door to work when all of a sudden I get a nose bleed.  Now I NEVER get nose bleeds even to this day.  So fixing this nose bleed took about 15-20 minutes.  So out the door I go, on the road and hit traffic on a main street (not highway), slowly moving past I see a bad accident involving 2 cars opposite direction go around a dangerous curve in the road (the one I take everyday).  As I was passing the officer directing traffic, I asked "how long ago did this happen?", he said about 20 minutes ago.  I think my gaurdian Angel had to stall me for time otherwise that could have been me in that accident!!


Story 3:  Angel Warning
This just happened yesterday!!!! We had a baby shower at work for a co worker, the party was over at 3 and I was planning on leaving for the day after it, but a voice inside me said leave at 3:30.  So I leave at 3:30, and again hit traffic the same way I take home around a deadly curve on the highway, as I pass, a bad accident...the car was flipped over in a ditch!!!  Ambulance, cops etc..all around and again it happen around the time I would be passing if I left at 3 like I orginally wanted to.  I can't help but think it was my Angel once again stalling me for time, otherwise that could have been me in that accident.
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