Angel Of Death

My mom always said that if you dreamed of the dead, you heard from the living.
My brother died three years ago, I had never dreamed of him until just a week ago.
In my dream I was standing on my mom's front porch.  I saw him walking down the steps, I called out to him asking him why did he come back.  He turned and smiled at me and said that he had to go down the street to his house and talk to his wife Kathy.  I asked him again why he came back and he said to get Kathy. I asked him if he was coming back and he said he would see me again soon
Three days later Kathy had just left his grave and was going to the store when she was hit head on and killed instantly.
I now feel that my brother was preparing me for this.  I know now that angels can come in any shape and form to us and somehow comfort us when these things we have no control over happens

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