He Smelled Like
Peaches And Cream
By: skraus740@aol.com

It was a Sunday evening and we were returning from church.  It had been raining most of the day and it was beginning to rain harder.  We live in the country and the roads were beginning to flood.  My husband always said not to drive through high water.  I was trying to get home.  I had my granddaughter with me.  Our road was starting to flood so I thought I would go around another way in.  As I was coming down the hill, Lightning was so bad and the Thunder crashing.  I could see the back way was flooded too.  I back up and turned around thinking if I went back over the hill I could drive back into town and stay with my daughter till the water receded.  I was on a narrow road and suddenly I could see water rushing across the road.  Both my little granddaughter and I began to panic.  How could we get down the hill with this rushing water over the road?  Suddenly I saw headlights from a car coming towards us, I thought if they can get through, so could we.  When the truck got to us, I rolled down the window and asked the man if we could get through, he said NO the road is washed away you Must turn around and go another way.  I begin to cry and said I couldn't turn my vehicle around and asked if he could please help us.  He got out of his truck and told me to go around and get in the passenger side and he got behind the wheel and turned us around.  My little granddaughter was crying and he said for us to calm down and go out to the end of the road and turn right and we would be safe.  I thanked him and he got out and I started driving down the road, I looked in my mirror and saw his lights following me.  Suddenly I forgot which way he said to go, so I pulled over to wait for him to go around me and I would follow him.  I looked back in my mirror to see his lights coming and there was none.  Where did he go, cause there was no roads to turn off from and no houses where he could have gone to?  I decided to drive to the end of the road and when I got there I remember he said turn right.  We made it back to town safe.  The next day I went home and told my husband about the man who helped us, The only thing I remembered about him was he had on a white shirt, I couldn't remember his face.  My little granddaughter said but grandma he smelled like peaches and cream.  Our neighbor worked on the road crew and told us that a culvert had washed away on that very road and if I had tried to cross it We would have gone over an embankment that would have swept us away and possibly killed us.
I will never forget the Angel in White that smelled like peaches and cream that awful night.

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