My Guardian Angles

Kill Them With Kindness !!

I have a beautiful baby girl, and there are times when I question myself if we are being fair in bringing these precious innocent angels into this crazy tormented world. With “bomb blasts” becoming a commonality, innocent lives lost in the name of Allah, Churches being destroyed in the name of which ever other God – is this what we are now reduced to? Political warfare ? Terrorists using bombs, destroying churches, places of worship  - all in their perceived notion of religion? So …what can one do? Stop having children? Lock yourself indoors? Stop living ? …NAH !!! No way !! Experience has taught me that for every nasty terrorist out there – there exist their counter parts. The Guardian Angels. These people who with their acts of kindness, generosity and big hearts, make you believe that there IS a God and he will win the war !!
I have been blessed and protected several times in my life. There have been so many instances when these angels , disguised as humans, have stepped forward and bailed me out. These have left a powerful impact in my life. While the occasions have been many, I share with you some experiences that have made me believe that GOOD EXISTS !!!

The first incident took place in the busy area of Delhi. I was rushing as usual, trying to ensure that I didn’t miss the company buss to work. I made it in time !! However when I boarded, I realized to my horror that I had lost my husband’s “very expensive” phone. I hunted frantically through my bag, checked the floor of the buss , but no luck. That’s when it struck me that I must have dropped it in the market. I stopped the buss and got off. I decided to retrace my steps back home in wild hope that I would find it. I reached back home extremely disappointed. Clinging onto every bit of last hope   I dialed the cell phone number from my landline. I was shocked when a man picked up the phone. He said “Madam I am a sales man. I found your phone next to the grocery store in the market. I will wait for you right here. You can come and collect it”. Holding my breath I ran into the market again, and there he was, a very simple looking, middle aged man carrying a big black bag of some product that he was trying to sell. He must have seen the worried look on my face, because he suddenly smiled at me very reassuringly. I walked up to him and he handed my phone back to me. I thanked him profusely and asked him how I could repay him. He just smiled and said, “madam, Its okay. Thank you”. With that he turned and walked away and did not turn back even once. I was left speechless. An expensive mobile phone returned to me in this day and age ?? God bless that Indian angle !!

The second incident took place in the airport of Bangalore. Just before we went inside the airport, my husband, Dushyant, stopped at an ATM to take some cash out. He must have taken out about RS. 4500.00. He handed me his wallet, my bags etc while he went to look for a trolley for our luggage. We then proceeded to enter the airport and then went on to wait for our flight back to Delhi. Feeling thirsty I requested Dushyant to get me some coffee. He asked me for his wallet. I hunted for it but just could not find it. I then  realized that I must have dropped it somewhere, probably when I was struggling with all the bags. That wallet had the cash, all his ATM cards as well as his credit cards. I was mortified. Suddenly my phone rang. A lady was calling. She informed me that she had found this wallet outside Bangalore airport. The only source of Identification was my business card that Dushyant carried in his wallet. This stranger made an STD call to my Delhi number to inform me that she had found this wallet. I told her that we were inside the airport and begged her to wait outside. She told me not to worry and to take my time. Dushyant had to ask for special permission to get outside the airport again and there she was  - a lady. She was wearing a torn overcoat – obviously not from a well to do family. Dushyant took out RS. 500 and insisted that she take it. She refused saying, in Hindi,  “Sir, why would you pay me for doing the right thing?” He pushed the money into her hands and said, “Madam, we don’t have the time to take you out for a thank you dinner, so please have dinner on us. Take this small token of thanks. By taking it you will be helping us do the right thing !!” She smiled and reluctantly took the money. A wallet loaded with cash and credit cards returned in tact !!God bless that Indian angle.

The third incident took place at the Singapore Airport. Dushyant and I had gone there to celebrate out 4th year anniversary. With it being our first trip together abroad, we had gone a little berserk with the shopping. We had four suitcases amongst the two of us. When we got the baggage weighed – well no surprises there – the baggage was severely over weight. We had two choices – pay the $550 or throw out some stuff. We did not have that much money left so the two of us opened   our suitcases right there at the airport and where at our wits end wondering what to do. Just then a gentleman, a Canadian Indian, walked up to us. His name was Ashish. Apparently he had lost his luggage while in transit from Vancouver to Singapore. He was now on his way to Delhi to meet up with family. Without blinking an eye lid he said that as he had no baggage of his own so he could take on some of our luggage as his own. We were shocked. In this day and age – to offer to take on a stranger’s baggage at an international airport – well we just could not believe our luck. With him taking on a suitcase there was no question of “Extra baggage”. We thanked him profusely. On reaching Delhi he gave us the luggage tag wished us all the best and walked away !! God bless that Canadian Indian Angle.

The fourth incident happened with my husband. This was a month before we were going to get married. He had to go to Chicago, USA for work. He was so excited about setting up our new home after marriage that he bought a whole lot of home decorations like crystal vases, painting etc. Naturally his baggage was overweight. The custom officers would not allow him to go through unless he paid the overweight baggage amount or threw some stuff away. Dushyant looked at them and said most sincerely “ Look I am getting married next month. All this is for my wife – for our new home. Please tell me what can I do?”. The personnel along with the air hostesses who were standing near by all got excited when they heard he was about to get married. One air hostess asked him, “Will it be a typical Indian – monsoon wedding?”. Dushyant laughed and replied that it would be. All four air hostesses promptly took over Dushyant’s baggage and checked it in as their own. God bless those four American Angles !!

The fifth incident took place in Australia. I had gone there for work. I was on my way back from work when I stopped at a Seven Eleven store. It was quite late at night. Being the end of the month I had just $10 in my wallet and desperately needed to buy some groceries. The store in charge was a Muslim, a Pakistani. When he saw me he dropped everything and asked me if I were Indian or Pakistani. I smiled and said that I was an Indian and was here in Sydney, Australia for work. He came forward and shook my hand proudly and said “It is wonderful to see such a powerful young Indian woman. May Allah be with you and may you be even more successful”. He of course had no idea what I did or what I was there for !! I thanked him. He then went on to say that he had visited India many years ago and that it was such a beautiful place. He also asked me to visit Pakistan some time. I told him I would try. We chatted for sometime and I then went on to pick up a couple of groceries. When I went to the check out counter, he added a box of chocolates to the bags and told me that on no account would he accept money from me – I was his Indian Sister !! He said that I had made his day by chatting with him. I was the closest that he had come to being back home !! I shook his hands and thanked him for his generosity. Promising to meet him again I went on my way. God bless my Pakistani Angle !!

So many incidents, all heart warming. Perfect strangers going that extra mile to keep another stranger happy. Strangers  who are not bound by any silly political or religious reason. They live for other “human beings” and make no distinction by caste, color, religion, sex. They are those angles that make me walk out of my house everyday, allow me to tell my daughter that the world is good. So to all the people out there – step out  - lets kill those cowardly terrorists with kindness !! Keep on Living !! God bless you all !!

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