Mine and Jimmy's Angels
By: shawandasse1@insightbb.com

My story begins in November of 2003, November 18th to be exact.  This is the day my only son (of four children) came into this world four weeks early.  I got home from visiting a friend about four o'clock in the afternoon.  I came in my house and laid on our love seat and my 1 1/2 year old daughter climbed up to nurse.  She began to nurse when all of a sudden I felt like I had an accident in my pants.  So, I went to the bathroom and when I looked down I was bleeding everywhere.  I yelled for my husband to take me right to the local hospital. The hospital is only about three minutes away so we were there rather quickly.  They took me to my room and hooked me up to labor monitors to monitor my contraction.  I continued to bleed and then started passing clots the size of fried eggs.  I was very scared not only for my safety but, my sons safety as well.  I had waited so long to have a boy (him being the youngest of four children) and I couldn't imagine anything going wrong at this point.  I remember at one point about 7 in the evening when I knew it was time to give it to Jesus, as he had promised he would take my burdens.  So, I closed my eyes and asked God to send us Angels to protect and heal us.  I then opened my eyes and in my room was the most beautiful golden radiant light and I could see the outline of two huge beings (they were what the light was radiating from) and I was no longer afraid.  My son was born about 11:00 p.m. and after his birth the doctor checked me inside and out to see what could have caused the bleeding, he checked the placenta for rips or tears and found NOTHING!  Thank you blessed Jesus!  It only took one mothers honest prayer from the heart and he was right there to send his Angels to watch over us.  I certainly didn't deserve it at the time, I was certainly not walking in his way but it just lets me know that even we as sinners who often stray from him, he is never far away, and neither are our Angels.
Today Jimmy, my son, is a healthy happy 1 year old toddler.  All praises be to God almighty.

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