Saved From Drowning

I was about seven or eight years old, and not at all yet comfortable swimming in the "deep end" of pools. One day, my cousins were visiting from northern Michigan, and we all went to my aunt and uncle's house, who had an indoor pool.  We were playing volleyball with a giant beach ball when it landed in the deep end, close to the edge of the pool.  I volunteered to retrieve it by walking down and grabbing it from above. On my first attempt, I accidentally pushed it farther away from my grasp.  Determined to fulfill my promise, I leaned out farther, and the next thing I knew, I tumbled head-first into ten-foot-deep water.
One would think that panic and uncontrollable fear would grip a little girl.  Instead, I was strangely calm.  It was only a matter of ten or fifteen seconds before I felt a pair of hands grab me from behind.  It was my aunt who rescued me.
Later, perhaps many years later, my mother recalled what happened that fateful afternoon.  She said that no one had even seen me fall in.  They had heard a distant splash, but that of course was nothing out of the ordinary.  What had caused her attention to be drawn to me was hearing a voice cry out my name-- "JULIE!"-- urgently.  She had then looked up to discover I was nowhere to be seen, at which point they realized what had happened.  She had assumed that someone in the room had cried out.  But after the fact, my aunt said she hadn't been the one-- after all, she hadn't been any more aware than my mom.  The only other person, then, was my brother.  He, too, claimed no part of it.  He had not seen it happen, either. So who had cried my name out?  It had to have been none other than my guardian angel.  It was because of that event that to this day, I thank her nightly before I drift off to sleep.  I also thank God for this tremendous gift of life.  It was truly amazing.
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