The Angel in Paris
It was the first night of our travels. It started badly as Mark was clipped by a car getting off the bus. Not a great start. We were getting off our bus on the outskirts of the city, outside a bar where my Friend Dommo was to meet us. Only he wasn't there. All we had was the name of the hostel and a number. I tried phoning but no joy, the guy on the phone hung up because of my poor french and fast english. So we were on our own. Weighed down with all sorts of gear. I tried a few pedestrians but again, nothing. So Mark said lets try the Metro, 'make our way to the centre, take it from there'. So we went down to the nearest metro. It was spooky. It was empty and night-hit. Not a soul in sight. Just looking at the map gave me the spins. So we walked. And walked. And walked. But guess what? Nothing! No people. No trains. No story. So we walked some more. Deeper into the system. The clock was against us now. The metro would be locked at midnight and the last trains left at ten minutes to. So we got to this end zone. It was all locked up and said trains due south. I thought 'great, our first night in Europe and we are going to be locked down here.'' We had walked for 20 minutes and were lost. It's full of windy tunnels and makes zero sense. So we started walking back and as we did I said a liitle prayer to life. I said ''Please help us out of this mess''. Then, from literally out of nowhere, a little old chineese woman appeared from a tunnel and walked towards us. I stopped her and showed her the piece of paper with the name of the hostel. She smiled at me very gracefully then without words she turned and walked in the opposite direction. I shrugged my shoulders at Mark and without hesitation, we followed her. She walked us through all these different tunnels and up onto this platform. She then turned to me and said with her arm outstretched ''You take this train''. Just as she said that, the train had pulled in and the door opened right behind her hand. I hardly had any time to thank her but I grabbed her warm hand and nearlt cried with gratitude. ''Thirteen stops'' she said. I kept thanking her. But she just smiled and turned and walked back the way she came. So we were sitting on th train. Mark was counting stops and I was thinking ''If this is the last train and she walked us ten minutes in the opposite direction to where she was going, and the metro is shut for the night, then where is she going?'' mark just laughed. So when the 13 stops arrived. We got out, walked up the steps and there, right in front of us in large neon writing, was the hostel we were looking for. We went in. The guy said that my friend had paid for our room and gave us a key. We went to the room where there was a case of beer in the shower with a note saying ''If you are drinking these beers, I'm so happy, and so sorry at the same time - I had to work''. So he also left us the name of the bar and a map. So we made our way through the streets of Paris. We passed Notredame Cathedrial at 1 in the morning. It was amazing. Before we knew it we were drinking Guinness at my friends bar. ''Boy am I glad to see you'' he said. We just smiled and said ''right back at ya mate.'' I have always been grateful to that angel in Paris. I have every reason to believe that she vanished into thin air right after that. She's probably in this room as I write this. Smiling with me.

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