Everything Will be Alright
By: shannapoo123@yahoo.com

My mom died when I was nine years old of cancer. I don't think that I fully understood the whole idea of what was going on, but I always knew that she was never coming back to me. I would say towards the ending of my senior year in high school was probably one of the worst ones. I had so many things on my mind. I was in a life or death situation with graduating. Because I didn't pass the ISTEP that is required in the state of Indiana even though my grades where good enough, I needed a 90% attendance record for all four years. My life personally was going down the drain. I cried and cried about my problems just about every night. Just about two in a half weeks before graduation I had a dream. In my dream I was sitting in the living room doing my homework. I had this weird feeling that someone was staring at me and I hesitated to look up, but I did. The person that was standing there was my mom. I was completely lost of words. She came to me, grabbed me by the hand and took me outside on the porch. She looked at me and gave me a little smile and she just hugged me for about 2 long minutes. She didn't say a word to me. She gave me that look as if she was saying, "Don't worry about anything, its going to be alright." I just looked at her and she looked so good, like she did before she was diagnose with cancer. She let me go, kissed on my forehead, and walked away. I screamed and hollered and she never said a word, I was asking her, "Where are you going?," "Will I ever see you again?" She said nothing. As she was leaving she began to dissapear the futher she was away from me, she turned around smiled and there where wings on her back, and it was all white outside. She was my angel. She came to tell me not to worry so much. And sure enough, I graduated, and I also got a few scholarships, that I didnt think I would get. What a wonderful Mom I have!

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