In The Dark
As a 40 year old women now, I look back to when I was sixteen years old, and remember one particular night in my life.  I had just come from an entertainment venue during a saturday night. It was at around 12 midnight and I went to ring my mother to pick me up from a telephone booth.  It was dark, with noone around but a group of men who had come out of the centre after celebrating a bucks night.  I could tell it was a bucks night because one of the men had a chain and ball toy tied to his ankle as a joke.
As I went to cross the road, once I had finished trying to get my mother to come and pick me up, one of the men picked me up and the others soon came to follow.  They were intending on putting me in the boot of their car.  I prayed God please help me.  I looked over at the car park, and saw what i thought to be my mothers car.  It wasn't her car, but at the time i was convinced it could of been.  One of the men responded and said to the other men that "we better put her down", the girls mother could be here.  They put me down.  I could of ended up in the boot of the car and goodness knows what after that could of resulted.  I will never forget that time of need and the quick help that was given, by my guardian angel.
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