I Was Not Alone
By: running_bear1971@yahoo.com.sg

In October of 1997 I was traveling home one evening from work, It was about 6:20 pm and just started raining. I had just topped a hill top and noticed a vehicle traveling toward me at a high rate of speed. Still at a distance but getting closer quick, I changed lanes to avoid the car hitting me. The car then changed with me heading straight at me. I then changed back to the lane I had first moved from with the other car moving with me. I decided that I was not going to prevent the collision so I gripped the steering wheel, hit the breaks, shut my eyes and cried out "Dear Jesus".......... As the vehicle hit me head on, running approx. 85 mph, I felt something holding around me, like a great big hug. Then every thing went blank....... this is when I passed out. I then woke up laying half way out of my vehicle on the other side of the highway. There was someone, I do not know if male or female, sitting with me, shielding the rain from me and assuring me that help would soon come. My motor and transmission was resting on my legs inside the car and I could not move. I then past out again. When I woke up again I had multiple fire fighters, medics, and police officers trying to free me from the car. When they freed me from the car they rushed me to the hospital where I found that my hips and pelvis had been crushed, and received a hemitoma (bleed) on the left side of my brain. I then found out that the young man driving the other vehicle died immediately. His passenger received injuries but lived to tell investigators that they were trying to play "Chicken" with peolpe. I also found that my seat belts detached with my car door when it was ripped open on impact. So no safety devise to hold me in. Medical personel were surprised that I lived.

I soon recovered from many surgeries and am back 100% now. I then wanted to thank the person who stayed by my side until rescue arrived but later found that know one was there when a police officer found us. I can remember the comforting voice as if it were heard yesterday but cannot describe a look or even male or female.

This is when I realized that I had an angel caring for me. 

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