Was it an Angel?
By: royls@wron.net
When I was saved, it didn't happen in a church with all the fancy fixin's we take  for granted today. It was at an evangelistic meeting held in the one-room schoolhouse where I received my elementary education.    The flooring was tongue-in-groove, and about once a year the board of education  would provide enough used motor oil to soak up the wood  (to preserve it, I suppose).  This was done during the summer vacation.
When I felt the call of the Word of God and His Holy Spirit calling me to Him I  went forward and knelt at an altar made up of old weathebeaten benches. I've often   wondered why it didn't cross someone's mind to lay some gunny sacks (or something)  down to serve as a kneeling pad, but it didn't.  We had to kneel on that oil-soaked floor.
Well..... I only owned one good pair of Sunday-go-to-meetin' pants; light colored   with small checks (if I remember correctly), and I was on my right knee (that's the way I  knelt) two nights seeking the Lord. The Lord graciously gave me the Victory the second  night, and I was gloriously saved.
The right knee of my good pants was terribly soiled by the old black floor. I didn't think much about it until Sunday morning when I was getting ready to go to   Sunday School.  Didn't matter 'cause they were the only decent pants I had to wear, and I wasn't about to miss Sunday School.....
I don't know why I did it, but I went right up to the front row and sat down. I don't  know why I didn't cross my left leg over the right  -- but I did the opposite; and  the soiled spot on my trouser leg was there for all to see. I was a little embarrassed about  it and felt a little ashamed that I didn't have another pair of pants to wear to Sunday School. I was sitting right in the light of a window too. I guess some of the more affluent    folks felt sorry for the little guy who didn't have a mother to see to it that he had clean  clothes to wear to church.  My mother had been in Heaven several years by that time.
A little gold colored butterfly flew into church and winged its way up to the front  row and landed right exactly on the soiled spot on my trousers. I didn't move..... I just sat there in awe, looking at this pretty little gold butterfly perched on the soiled spot, lifting its wings up and down. Others saw it too.
Then the butterfly spread its wings and flew away.  I was unable to see which way it went. It just seemed to disappear.
I've told this story to a few people, and at my request a few have given their  interpretation or thoughts on the meaning (if any) of this little golden butterfly landing  on the soiled spot on the knee of my trousers.

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