By: RoCkin x

Where I grew up in Michigan with my family, all of whom is religious, we experienced things that most people would call hauntings. My family and I, however don't believe in ghosts but instead believe in demons.  My father's in a southern gospel group who travels all the time, it was when he was gone my family and I would usually  experience these things, though my father did sometimes as well. From voices in the basement that use to torment my friend who lived with us, A presence my father could feel whenever he went down there to pray,  to me waking up in the middle of the night feeling something in my room sitting on my bed, my dad even had an instance when he was laying in bed where he felt as though he was dying - he couldn't breathe, his chest felt just as though something was sitting on it. He tried to reach out for my mom who was laying next to him and discovered "something" had his arms pinned down. He knew he was having a heart attack or something, and whatever this was, it wanted to kill him. He started praying - and soon it was lifted off, God then spoke to him saying "Even when the ones closest to you cannot help you, I am there, Call on ME".  Even my dog could sense and feel these things and go nuts. Things were happening there as far back as I could remember.  One particular time sticks out in my head, I was about 15 years old and  was laying in my room, with my dog at the foot of the bed, when all of a sudden a crushing fear filled my heart, I couldn't breath. I was laying on my stomach - and I just remember everything in the room going off, my TV, my air conditioning in the window, EVERYTHING. I then felt pressure on the foot of my bed almost as if something besides my dog was there. My dog at this point stood over me, as if to shield me from something he could see, I looked back at him to see his hair was on end and he was growling and bearing his teeth. I laid my head back down, scared to see what was there in my room with me and started praying. I prayed so hard that night I was physically becoming exhausted. The last words I remember saying was "Lord, send me an Angel..send an Angel to take this demon away, Lord protect me" just as I said that I felt my dogs attention turn to the door, as if something came in, and just like that everything came back on. The TV, Air Conditioning, even my dog laid back down.

  I don't know why these demons chose to torment my family. Most likely because of what my father did. I thank God for sending us Angels though, that constantly protected us.  Though none of us actually SEEN Angels (though my father did at one time see a GIANT hand on his shoulder when he was talking to someone who was possesed) we all felt there presence many times. It just amazes me that God loves us SO much he sent his son to die for us, but not only that, cares about us enough that he will still individually send Angels out to protect us CONSTANTLY.

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