Angel in Sight
By: Anonymous

It was a time in my life when I was distraught and felt lost.  I had nothing to look forward to because I could not afford much.  My husband and I were making just enough to make ends meet when I found out he had gotten a ticket for speeding.  I was so upset knowing we had no extra money to pay for the ticket and the increased insurance rate.  I had even more worries and I just wanted to scream out wandering why me.  Why me?


On that same day, I walked into the laundry place, and there was this man dressed all in white.  Even his laundry basket was white and the clothes inside were all white.  He asked me how I was doing and I remember telling him that my husband had gotten a ticket for speeding and that I was upset because we had little money. He smiled.  I got the feeling the he had already known about it including my life.  Then he said, “Well look at it this way, it could have been worse.  At least your husband did not get into an awful wreck from speeding.  He may have died including your son. I had never mentioned to him that my son was in the truck with him.  I looked the other way and when I looked back he was gone.  It was then I felt this load lifting from my shoulder and I immediately felt all warm and happy inside.  I realized that God had sent an angel to let me know everything would be all right. Now when I see my husband and my son, I have a smile on my face knowing they are too in God's hands and that everyone has a purpose in life

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