Mindy's Mom or.. ?
By: richie@pianogallery.com
When I was 19 years old, I was just getting ready to serve a mission for the LDS church in Salta, Argentina.
I was in love with this girl named Mindy Baum. I went to see her one night, and the most incredible thing happened.
I pulled up to her house, and the front door was open. Her little brothers and sisters were sitting on the stairs and there was a lady in a white robe standing directly behind them. I thought that the lady was their mom, so I got out of my car and I waved and smiled at her and said "hi, is Mindy here?" She just looked at me, and then she turned her head and walked down the hall. I thought that was kind of rude, this lady just totally ignored me. But then I thought maybe she just got out of the tub because she was in a robe and maybe she was embarrassed that I had seen her that way. Well, I then walked up to the kids and said "hey, is Mindy here?"  They said, no she's not, so then I said, "would you go get your Mom then?"  They then said "she's not here,"  and so I said "you little brats go get her" and they then said, "she's not here!!" " If you don't believe us come in," so I said " I will."  I then walked up the stairs and walked down the hall where she was like 3 minutes before. There were two bedrooms and I walked into both of them. I opened the closet doors and looked under the bed. I then walked up to the window just to see if she had jumped out. I didn't know what was going on, she had totally vanished.
A few more details here... she had black hair and she was about 50 and she was kind of chubby!
Anyway, I couldn't find her so I walked back to my car and started to drive down the street when all of the sudden Mindy pulled into the subdivision. So, I turned around and followed her back to the house. Mindy got out of the car and then her dad and then her mom, but now she was wearing normal clothing. I got out of my car and walked up to her and said, " how did you pull that off!??" " What did you do, jump out the window!?" She said, "I don't know what you're talking about" and so I then told her exactly what had happened. She said "you're kind of scaring me." I said, "someone is in your house." " Well, someone was in your house, but now she's gone and I thought that it was you." " But good luck finding her because I already tried."  I then went home and told my parents.
The next morning Mindy and her mom went down to the Golden Corral in American Fork to see me. That is where I got to know Mindy. We sat down at a table, and Mindy's mom asked me to tell her the whole story again. So I gave her a nice little synopsis...basically I pulled up to the house, your kids were sitting on the stairs, you were in a white bathrobe, I spoke to you, you ignored me and walked off and then vanished.
She then pulled out a picture and said, "Is this the lady you saw!?" I said "ya, but I thought it was you!"  She then said, "this is my mother, but she has been dead for 10 years!" Wow!!  She then said that she and her husband prayed that their kids would be protected until they got home. They had left them home alone, and they shouldn't have.
Well, that's it. This is a true story. If anyone is interested in this, I will swing by that house and take a picture. I would like to also find a picture of the lady that I saw.
Thanks for reading this. Whenever you can, always pray that your children will be protected, because sometimes they literally are!!! I really did see this lady, she was kind of rude!!, but I did talk to her and she saw me. And like I said before, she was standing directly above and behind those kids and they didn't even know it!

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