My Special Angel

This happened a couple of years back and when it happened nobody believed me. But I know it's true
i have two older brothers and they share a room. One day one of my brothers stayed over at a friend's house and for some reason I wanted to  sleep in my brother's room with my other brother. Later that night I had a hard time sleeping so I was just laying there. Then just out of nowhere there was a man sitting at the edge of the bed and I was just laying there staring at him. I blinked a couple of times to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. He didn't say anything he was just sitting there with his hand on my foot. It felt like he was there forever but he was only there for a couple of seconds then he just disappeared.
Later that year we went to my grandma's house and I was looking at her pictures when I saw a picture of my grandpa I stood there frozen. My grandpa died 4 months before I was born so I never seen him before and I was the first grandchild that didnt see him and I would get always upset when my older cousins would talk about him and I never got to experience what it was like to have a grandpa. He look exactly like the man I saw in my brother's room. To this day I believe the man I saw in my brother's room was my grandpa and he was there to tell me that it's ok and that he is watching over me too(:=

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