Angels All Around

20 yeras ago, when I was 5, we went to Virginia to visit my aunt and uncle.  I was scared before I went to bed because they lived in a wooded area and I was afraid of bears or wild animals.  I asked my mom and aunt "What will happen if the bears get inside?  Or someone sneaks into the house?"  My mom responded. "They can't get inside."  I asked why, and my mother replied, "Because angels are all around the house." I looked out and said "Where?"  My mom said "You cant really see them, but theyre there."  When they left the room, I got up and looked outside of the window again.  It was open, so I stuck my head outside and looked up.  There were angels, holding hands, surrounding the house.  In a line spanning as far as I could see, anglels.  Full sized, dressed in robes and dresses, suspended in air and looked almost stuck to the house.  They didnt look at me until I caught they eye of  one of them. And he smiled at me.  Since I thought this was what my mom was speaking of, I remember thinking that she had lied to me.  I could see them!  I went to bed, and in the morning said "I saw those angels last night".  My mom laughed and thought it was cute, and dismissed it as fib.  Years later I told reminded her of it, and told her that it was not a fib, and I really did see the angels.


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