Angel in the Pawn Shop

I was a single parent at the time-and I was down to my last few cents----I had two other young men staying with  me and my three sons (my step sons) and I needed to feed them.  I had been selling my blood-but the last time I did so-I almost fainted.  I found something of small value and decided to go to the local pawn shop-so two of my boys and my two step sons went into the pawn shop.  My oldest son was not with us..He had started really messing up with drugs.  As we walked in..a very handsome man who appeared to be about six and a half feet tall walked over to us.  He was beautiful.  He seemed to be of a mixed race-with a dark almond skin tone. His hair was long and in something like dread locks.  I can not remember his cloths-but they were normal-maybe plain and lose-but normal...His voice was of a different place- it was refined ad elegant.  I remember thinking he seemed to be from a more upscale neighborhood than the Channelview Texas  area.  He immediately started to tell me that my oldest son (who he called by name) was in God's hands-and would be fine -he just had to go thru what he was experiencing -and he said some more wonderful things to me---then he asked if he could pray for us..We were sill almost in front of the doorway-and I remember thinking the other people in the pawn shop probably thought we were strange-(at this time in my life I was still thinking I preferred to pray in private...but I agreed-and so we prayed-he then handed me money...and told me to leave.  I of course made a feeble attempt to not accept-but I knew to take the money.  As we were driving off-my step son said -"look Mom!.. the man disappeared!!!!" He must have been an Angel!" I turned and looked-and he was gone..I tried to rationalize.. I did say it appeared that he did just vanish--but I had trouble really believing it...but.. I really knew it was an angel.  For several years I tried looking for this man everywhere....One day my youngest and I were in a different a grocery store. .my life had started being easier..(.and I had started on the road to where I am now-that of an Evangelist and Chaplain..)  A man walked up to my son..THE SAME MAN!!!   and he started comforting my son and said some positive words to him-He did not speak to me-I knew who he was.. and I was content that he had sought out my youngest precious child.  Throughout my life-God has always been there-providing -encouraging-answering his daughter's prayers...the last miracle was that after I lost my job as a layoff -and did not know what to do-I heard the voice-saying I would lose nothing.  That the shame and reproach of my youth was behind me-that He was my husband-that He would provide and that my path would be filled with riches -jewels and pearls..and that he would never ever leave me ....I told my son I would love to go to the Holy Lands before I went back to work...Several weeks later -in another story I will tell you later --God provided the way- a new job overseas-in the Holy Lands.!!  There I met my wonderful husband who is my guardian angel....when I thought after years of abuse both physical and emotional-that I would never find....or marry again.... To God be the Glory Now and Forever.  Never give up...I almost did (that is another story) I could have died..-but God did not allow it...You see...He has so many miracles for us--if we will just open our eyes, minds, hearts and listen to the child that says...(and believes so much easier than we adults...) that the man that just prayed for us-vanished....Truly...He is an angel of the Lord most high....You must believe me... Angels are camped around you....ask God to allow you to see them-he will do something to show you what is real!!!!!.
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