Healing Angel

When my daughter was very young (2 years old) she was diagnosed with cancer, her treatments were expected to last 3-4 years.

After 3 and 1/2 years, we were informed that all was going well and that the last treatment was scheduled for October. 
However, in August she took very, very sick.  Her temperature was sky high, try as they might, the nurses at our local hospital could not bring her fever down.  She was flown, by helicopter, to the children's hospital, some 200 miles away. 

My husband went with her while I made arrangements for a sitter to care for our other 3 children; I then drove the long distance by myself; praying and trying not to cry.

When I arrived in her hospital room; the Priest was giving her her last rites. 
I immediately left the room so that she would not see me break down. 
I returned to the room shortly afterward to find her sleeping soundly. 
Throughout the night, the nurses were in and out of the room to change her IV and check her vitals. 

The next morning my daughter informed me that the angels had been in to see her ( I assumed she meant the nurses.) 

Flashforward 3 years, my daughter (now a healthy 8 year old) was having a conversation with her cousins who were holding frisbees over their heads, claiming to be angels.  My daughter corrected them by informing them that " angels do not have those rings above their heads."  The entire room became silent when she further elaborated that she seen angels while at the children's hospital.  "Remember when I was really sick Mom?  Three angels stood by my bed, one touched my hand and with her mind told me I was going to okay.  They were beautiful, they wore long white robes and glowed."

There is no doubt, in my mind, or within the minds of the rest of our family that our daughter had been visited by the angels who were watching over her while she fought a battle that many others have lost.  We believe that God has a plan for her and that is why He let her overcome cancer.  He sent his angels to let us know that we were not alone in our fear and pain.

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