My Daughter's
Angel Pin

On Nov.18th, my daughter was in a terrible accident and by a miracle, survived and is Ok.
I was running late and I wanted to get home from my friends house to show my daughter Sheila our new puppy but as I was driving down the road to our home, she passed me on her way to work. She had just started a new job and it was only her second day. She had 8 months of college left and I thought to myself as she passed that she seemed so small. I proceeded home and called my mother-in-law who was feeling ill to see if she needed anything and promised to send Jay to the store for her. I told Jay what she wanted and he started to leave but the phone rang again. It was his mother telling him to take an alternate route as there was a bad accident near our home. He ran the errand and returned, but was stopped by a police officer at the driveway. The bad accident was my daughter Sheila.  She was hit broadside by a truck. I could tell that the police officer was very pale and I couldn't even speak.  In my mind,  I begged God to take me instead, not my tiny feisty daughter who had just started to live. They lifeflighted Sheila to a trauma center in Pgh a 2 hr drive away from us. It was the longest drive I ever had and my heart sunk lower the closer we got to the hospital. We were met by a social worker who took us to her.  She had survived and was going into emergency surgery.  She had a broken hip and pelvic fractures, a punctured lung and broken ribs.  All I thought was Thank you God for sending angels for her.  After several days, Jay went to take care of what remained of the car.  He said he felt just sick looking at it, even a well seasoned marine that he was.  He forced himself to look into the car for her books and things and there lying on the seat, (actually what was left of the seat) was the angel pin I gave her the year she graduated.  After Sept. 11th,  I had already made plans for her to go to Paris for her graduation gift. I was worried and doubted whether I should let her go, but it was a sad time and I so wanted her to see something beautiful.  So my friend was selling angel pins and I bought it for her to keep with her on her trip.  It was with her ever since.  Her car was crushed beyond recognition but I believe she was not alone.  Oftentimes she would be talking out of her mind to a friend from school named Jessie.  She would tell me all about her visit and talking to him, but in ICU it was family members only, so I couldn't understand who she was talking to.  Only after several weeks I asked her again who he was.  Jessie was friend who had died 2 wks prior to her accident.  He was killed in an auto accident.  I believe Jessie is an angel now and I firmly believe in angels and miracles, it happens all the time. I send angels to everyone who needs help.  I apologize for the writing, Im not very good at that.  But this my story and its true.
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