Sent By God

I was a very young woman.  Age 20 with 2 small children.  One was my oldest, a little boy. The second - a little girl.  I was in a domestic violence situation.  This night my baby girl was very ill.  She was not breathing very well.  I awakened by my husband to inform him of the baby's illness - only to be turned away and cursed.  I dressed my baby boy in his little snow suit and my lttle girl - I wrapped in a bed blanket.  I walked several blocks to get to a street car.  When I got there, a man appeared out of nowhere and asked..."Where are you going child with those babies on this cold night."  I told him what had happened.  Out of nowhere a taxi cab appeared.  He paid the fare to Baptist Hospital.  When I turned around to say thank you...he was not there.  I got the baby to the hospital.  Her right lung was near collapse and she was suffering from Pneumonitis.  I have remembered his face until today.  I knew he was an angel sent by God.

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