Angel after Surgery
By: Pip

I've had two surgeries: one to correct a dislocating knee and the other for appendicitis. I had the one on my knee when i was 14.

The night after my surgery, i was lying in the hospital room in so much pain. I had on a cast from my hip to the first joint in my toes to keep my leg immobile. Unable to control the leg, the nurse had put a bag of sand on one side to keep it in one position. Unfortunately, it had slipped so all the weight from the bag and the cast was on the incision from the surgery and it hurt. My mum had gone home and there was a lady from the church spending the night with me; she was lying on a mattress on the floor. I called out to her numerous times but for some reason, she was so deeply asleep, she didn't hear me. i started to cry and to my surprise, i felt the bag move and my leg straightened. i opened my eyes but there was no one there.
Forcing myself to elbows, i leaned over to see if the lady had woken up but she was busily snoring. Thinking i had imagined it, i lay down again but began to feel cold. I couldn't reach the blanket which had rolled below my knees. Next thing i knew, the blanket rolled up and covered me. At that point in my life i was the biggest scaredy cat ever. Couldn't even sleep alone in a room at night. But i wasn't scared. I felt comforted instead. the next morning, i asked the lady if she covered me in the night. She apologised and said she was so exhausted she didn't move till that morning. I knew it had to be an angel with me that night.

Seven years later, i had appendicitis. After the surgery, i wasn't allowed to eat till my intestines began working properly again. All i was allowed to take were fluids. For about a week. It got so that the very sight of any juice disgusted me. I wanted food!!!!

On the day i was discharged, my mum propped me into bed, put a glass of juice by me and went to the hall. I was so fed up with the juice, i gave it to a gentleman who used to help us out at home when he came to my room to visit. Each time she gave me a glass that day, i'd give it to him to drink. i fell asleep around 6pm and woke up at 11pm in so much pain i couldn't  move. My stomach hurt like mad. I almost thought the appendicitis was back. My parents and eldest brother came into the room and weren't sure what to do. This was in the days when mobile phones were now coming into our country and the reception at our end was terrible. They all went to the hall to call my sister who is a doctor but they couldn't get through. My mum came back in frustration and asked which part hurt. Told her everywhere. i could barely talk. She went out again and i sensed a movement at my bed.

I opened my eyes and there was this tall guy, extremely tall wearing the blue doctor's scrubs. He was dark skinned and had a fit build. He wasn't skinny or huge just fit. And so tall, lying on my back the way i was, i couldn't see his face properly. I'd just come from a hospital where i'd been for a week and a half so i didn't find it odd that there was a doctor in my bedroom. He told me that i was hungry and i said i wasn't. He said i was and that was why my stomach hurt. Told him i was not. He said i was and that i gave all my juice to the gentleman. I was quiet at once cuz there  was no way he could have known that. As i was talking to him, the pain was reducing. He told me to tell my mum to give me a glass of mixed fruit juice without citric every hour for the next six hours and the pain would go away. told him ok and closed my eyes cuz i was kinda embarrassed that he knew i'd given the juice out. I opened my eyes to see him go out and he wasn't there. The door did not open or close and i didn't see any outline of a figure at the corridor which i would have if he'd headed out to the hall.

My parents came back and said they couldn't get thru to my sister and so were taking me to the hospital. I told them what the doctor said and my dad asked which doctor. Told him the one who came into the room and my mum and brother said there was no doctor. told them there was and i'd seen him and gave them his instructions. They gave me the juice like he said and the pain went away.

Its nice knowing the almighty God cares enough about me to send angels to me when i'm hurting.

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