Never Alone

 I was recently sick and also sad from missing my children, family and friends.  I had cried myself to sleep every night for almost a week.   I fell alseep one evening, and a  huge beautiful angel with the sofest white feathers covered me and I immediately felt warmed and at peace.  I searched my bible the next day to find out more about angels.  I found my answer in Psalms 91:4, "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust; his truth shall be thy shield and buckler".
I then wrote this song:

Never Alone

Far away from my home in a new wilderness
I lay alone in the darkness
Each night I was consumed with my fears
My eyes swollen from so many tears
I was overcome with sorrow
I needed your strength, so I could face another tomorrow
I knew I was following your will to do right
So eager to seek approval in your sight
Trusting in you, believing there is always a reason
For everything and every season
You heard my cries and comforted me
Embracing me with your beautiful white feathered wings
In my sleep you opened my eyes to see
How much warmth and love you can bring
Lifting me up and allowing me to sing

Never alone
Nor full of sorrow
I can now face tomorrow
And lift up my voice and sing
Protected by your loving wings

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